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Tax Consulting & Compliance
Continuously changing legislation makes the tax laws more complex by the minute. At De Silva Accounting, we use our expert knowledge of the statutes to make the management of your tax affairs as efficient and painless as possible.
Our services cover everything from preparing and lodging returns, to representing our clients at the ATO and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
We can also help you to navigate your way successfully through the intricacies of income tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and goods and services tax.
As a Client, you will benefit from our comprehensive tax services and access to current tax strategies tailored to your circumstances. We will partner you and support you. This will ensure you can achieve the desired outcomes and strategies that you want. This is what our Clients value most from our services.
One way we help achieve those goals is via our strategic tax planning service.
Strategic Tax Planning
Tax reporting/lodgement are based on reporting on what has happen in the past and paying tax accordingly. Tax planning aims to forecast what potential tax liability lies ahead and puts plans in place accordingly. Depending upon your circumstances, it is possible to make legitimate, legal decisions which significantly impact that tax liability.
Decisions which are great for you may not be great for someone else. Our tax planning service can help you make the best decisions.
At De Silva Accounting we actively engage our clients to build an appropriate tax plan which is reviewed and amended to suit each changing circumstances throughout the tax year.

Business Structuring
If you are considering starting a business or have already started, it is important to think about and get advice on the structure your business should have. The differences between the four main business structures can really affect your businesses present and future. Therefore it is important to seek advice on the best business structure for your business in accordance with your future business projections.
The structure of your business is critical as it will determine the way in which you operate, how you get your products or services out to your customers and the ways in which you can maximise your leverage and profits. For these and many more reason, you must set up the 'right' business structure for your needs.
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