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Strategic Thinking
Established in 2002, De Silva Accounting is a progressive advisory firm specialising in the areas of Taxation, Business advisory, Asset Structuring, Financing and Superannuation.
At De Silva Accounting your business success and the professional advice we provide to help achieve it go hand in hand. In fact, we ensure people best qualified to improve your business’ bottom line is looking after you.
As new ideas and challenges are encountered in the business world every day, De Silva Accounting is there with the best solutions clearly explained and supported by a strong team of dedicated professionals.
Our advice includes providing business solutions, enabling you to chart a course of action that facilitates your business as a whole in a synchronized manner to achieve your goals.
Our team of professionals help deliver a wide range of services to cater for all your accounting and financial needs. We have experts to assist you with:
Building Solutions
There is a famous saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. With any venture that you enter into it is a good idea to plan ahead.
Our people meticulously plan your strategy and help you navigate through the maze of legislation allowing you to build on your strengths.

Professional Team
At De Silva Accounting, we believe that our strategies are solely dependent on the talent, skills and passion of our people. In turn, we are passionate about finding the best talents and making sure they develop cheap replica watches and grow with us. We believe that “Our People are Our Strength”. Their commitment, alignment, skills, competencies and determination drives the firm towards excellence.
There are many different nationalities within our organisation, different cultures, yet we work as one team, with one vision. We face challenges together, share our experiences as well as continuously motivate and learn from each other.
Many of us set out to build a business by laying the foundations for...
All successful businesses and business people, plan ahead. Peoples’ wealth...
There is a famous saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. With any...